I thought sagging pants was the latest fashion faux pas. Apparently it's not the only chic new trend causing consternation amongst our vigilant public servants.

Down Louisiana way, Caddo Parish Commissioner Michael Williams would like to outlaw the wearing of pajamas outside the home.

It warms my heart to learn that officials on the public dole are keeping us safe from the dreaded PJ and sagging pants offenders in our community.

I still like the idea of middle aged and elderly men wearing their pants low and putting on PJ's in public. I think the resulting fashion backlash would have the same effect!

"The moral fiber in our community is dwindling," Williams said. "If not now, when? Because its pajama pants today, next it will be underwear tomorrow."

Williams says a recent shopping experience inspired him to propose a ban.

"I observed a couple of young men in loose fitting PJs on, probably with their private parts about to come out and no underwear," he said.

He wants to ban wearing pajamas pants in public.