Looking back at my childhood, I have a lot of memories of running around with friends, all of us pretending we were different superheroes.  While I assumed the identities of many different characters during our numerous adventures, there was one I always came back to: Superman.

I used to watch the old black-and-white Superman TV series with my grandparents, and my whole family would crowd around the TV to see the latest episode of Lois & Clark every week (side note: the Hub channel is now showing reruns of that show, and it's wonderful).  And of course I remember watching the classic Superman movies, starring Christopher Reeve.

Then, in high school, I became hopelessly addicted to Smallville; and I even enjoyed the first attempt at rebooting the Superman movie franchise, Superman Returns (despite less than stellar reviews from critics).

Now here we are, in the present day, and the first full-length trailer for the second movie reboot is here.  You might be wondering if, after all these years, maybe I'm tired of all these different depictions of the Man of Steel.  The answer: absolutely not

From the the trailer, it looks like they're going for a grittier, more realistic tone, kind of like the recent Batman movies helmed by Christopher Nolan.

I say, bring it on!  I think it looks amazing, and I can't wait for its arrival in 2013.

Here's the trailer.  Let me know in the comments below if you'll be seeing this one!