A new study from local market consumer research company, Scarborough reveals that 42 percent of those that are  age 21, or over have enjoyed a beer in the past 30 days. More specifically, five percent of all adults 21, or over have had a microbrew in the same time frame. With BBQ and grilling season heating up, the latest study looks at behaviors of Microbrew Drinkers and if found that Denver residents prefer local brews.

Two Colorado cities topped the list of those who prefer a Microbrew, when they go for a beer.

Percentage of Adults (21+) That Prever a Microbrew

  • Denver, Colorado 13%
  • Portland, Oregon 13%
  • Seattle, Washington 11%
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 9%

“Microbrews, or craft beers, are a terrific example of how localism has become trendy,” says Alisa Joseph, vice president of advertiser services for Scarborough. “By marketing the local brew to beer drinkers in their own communities, particularly while they’re immersed in local activities, brands can capitalize on the consumer loyalty that comes with rooting for the home team or visiting the neighborhood hot spots.”

More About Microbrew Beer Drinkers

  • More than half (53%) of Microbrew Drinkers purchased beer at a grocery store in the past 30 days
  • Microbrew Drinkers also purchased beer at sit-down restaurants (45%), nightclubs or bars (38%) and liquor stores (37%)
  • Microbrew Drinkers are more than twice as likely as all beer-drinking adults 21+ to have purchased beer at a stadium or arena in the past 30 days
  • 25 percent of Microbrew Drinkers are between 30 and 39 years old
  • 49 percent more likely than all U.S. adults 21+ to be men and also 49 percent more likely to be employed full-time
  • 54 percent more likely than all U.S. adults 21+ to hold white collar employment
  • 78 percent more likely to have an annual household income of $250K or higher
  • Half of all Microbrew Drinkers have a college degree or higher