I mentioned last week that new laws were going into effect for pet-owners.  I stand corrected: one of the new laws applies to everyone; that is, everyone who's ever been annoyed by a barking dog!

Basically, residents are now allowed to make anonymous complaints about barking dogs, and cops can now issue tickets without speaking to the dog-owner first.

Under the new system, animal control officers now can just leave a note on residents' doors to let them know someone complained. And punishments are civil tickets, rather than criminal punishments.

"It allows the punishment to meet the crime a little bit better," (Larimer Humane Society spokeswoman Stephanie Ashley) said.

via 9news.com.

Personally, I'm thrilled about this.  I live in an apartment complex where it seems like everyone has a dog, and some of them love to just sit on their patios and bark.  At everything.  At all hours.  It's definitely annoying, and it gives quiet dogs like mine a bad reputation!

Are you happy about this new law, or do you think it's unfair?

You can watch the full 9News report below.