I believe we can thank Steve Jobs for more than Apple products.

We can thank Japanese automakers for more than just great automobiles.

As Apple strived for a user friendly experience when it came to computers, and Japanese automakers, especially Toyota, made quality and continued improvement standard operating procedure, we the people became used to things that were user friendly and of high quality. More and more things; products, buildings, implements, and even experiences are being engineered to be pleasing to the user.

When the University of Colorado Cancer Center was being designed, they took ideas from the world's greatest creators into deep consideration.

They also interviewed cancer survivors about their treatment experiences. What worked? More importantly, what didn't? How could a new center change things to make it better for the patients?

The result is a uniquely Northern Colorado entity that is dedicated to serving people diagnosed with cancer, and to make that service as low stress as possible.

Innovations at the University of Colorado Health Cancer Center

  • Architecture and design - From the entrance to the group chemotherapy rooms, the building was designed to be pleasing, calming, soothing and to make people feel better.
  • Naming - They call the rooms where doctors and patients meet 'Interaction Rooms'. This is different from the past when they were called 'Examination rooms.' Amoeba are examined. Biopsies are examined. Patients are people, and when they are meeting with their providers, it is an interaction.
  • One stop - Or few stops. One of the most stressful things about having cancer is the number of appointments patients must keep. Estimates have the number of visits in the first months of treatment at over 100. Plus, most of those meeting were in different places. The University of Colorado Cancer Center has brought many of them together so that they may take their treatment, meet with providers, fill prescriptions, and do other things all in one place.

Visit the website for the University of Colorado Health Cancer Center here.