There's no disputing that Fort Collins is a bike-friendly town.  It's rare to see a street that doesn't have bike lanes, at least around where I live.  In keeping with its pro-bike philosophy, Fort Collins is making sure that once you get where you're going on your bike, you'll have somewhere to put it!

Previously, bike parking in Fort Collins was based on the number of parking spaces for cars.  New buildings will have to conform to a different code.

Under the new code, the percentage of bicycle parking depends on the size of the structure and enclosed parking is required. For instance, a multifamily residential facility requires one bike parking space per bedroom. At the same time 60 percent of those spaces are to be enclosed while 40 percent are fixed bicycle racks.

Makes more sense this way, if you ask me!

Do you think Fort Collins catering to bicyclists is a good move?  Let me know in the comments below!