After a decade of trying, lawmakers have passed a bill that allows students who are illegal immigrants to receive in-state college tuition, as long as they graduated from a Colorado high school.

Gov. John Hickenlooper will sign the bill into law today, according to the Coloradoan. the past (the measure) has been opposed by both parties. This year, Democrats unanimously supported the bill and a handful of Republicans joined them.

My first instinct is to wonder why in the world we are granting such a huge privilege to an illegal resident of this country.  But then I think about how some children may have immigrated here with their families to escape persecution, or been forced into the country for some other reason; and charging those children three times more than the rest of us just to go to college does kind of add insult to the family's existing injury.  So I guess this bill makes sense in that respect...

How do you feel about the new law?  Should illegal residents get in-state college tuition?