Once a week my hometown newspaper, the Greeley Tribune, puts together what they call their Crime Log. Basically they find the weirdest sh** that the cops encountered, and believe me there is a lot, in the town over the previous week. It's been awhile since we visited the Crime Log, but I couldn't pass up this story. 

This story I speak of is that of a random vacuum sweeper that just can't seem to find a good home. Now, I am not sure what vacuums sell for these days, but I know they aren't cheap. So, I have to say that if a random one showed up in my yard, I would probably think of it as a blessing rather than trying to get rid of it... Not the case for a couple neighbors in Greeley:

June 26, 10 a.m.: A caller wanted to talk to an officer about a vacuum that appeared in her neighbor’s yard. The neighbor thought it was the caller’s, so the neighbor put it in the caller’s yard. The caller said she was unable to throw the vacuum away because the trash company wouldn’t take it.

Someone take the damn vacuum or get in your car and take it to the Goodwill so someone can get the crumbs off their floor even if you don't want to... Or call the police and narc on your neighbor for trying to give you a free vacuum. DUMBASS!!

 See the rest of the Crime Log here.