I am signed up with the email group in my neighborhood in Fort Collins. Usually, people are giving away couches, or seeing if anyone wants to get together for a bike ride or something like that. I browse it, and it's a cool thing to be a part of.

When I saw the information officer for the Fort Collins Police, Rita Davis, in a subject line, I wasn't sure what would be in the body.

After I read it, I realized this is a great way to help keep us informed.

The following is from that email.

Rita Davis from City of Fort Collins said:

Hi. Fort Collins Police want you to be aware that we have received reports of two residential burglaries throughout the city and one in the county over the weekend where teenage males are going door-to-door "looking for their lost dog" until they find a house with no one home. They then break in and ransack it. If you have any information of a similar occurrence, please contact Fort Collins at 970-221-6540.