Sure, you could go to the local haunted house and have a couple made-up teenagers dressed as zombies pop out at you with a chainsaws and then go home and sleep easy at night knowing it was all fake. Or you could get a history lesson, have some fun, meet some REAL ghosts, and be scared for REAL! Welcome to the gorier side of Fort Collins, the Fort Collins Ghost Tour!

Lori Juszak, who also wrote the book “Ghosts of Fort Collins” and teaches a class on the paranormal is your tour guide as walk the streets of Fort Collins and enter the most haunted spots.

From an underground morgue, a jail and a series of tunnels there are a lot of places on the tour that you may not even know existed all these years in Fort Collins. History is an important part of the tour. Not only will you learn of the haunted spots around Fort Collins, but you will learn about the history of those places too.

There have even been paranormal encounters while the tour was going on, but if you aren't into the whole ghost thing, Juszak also offers a late-afternoon historic walking tour. There is also a family friendly ghost tour that is a bit more mild, and for the real thrill seeker, there is a late night ghost tour. Private tours are also avaliable.

The tours cost between $12 and $20 and run most Friday and Saturdays. For more info call (970) 372-1445 or visit the Haunted Fort Collins website.