Nathan Angelo is an up and coming musician.

During the 2014 Grammys, he was watching, and creating.

He put together a really well-written song- that on one hand, IS about the circus, but more so, is about musicians, The Grammys (award shows in general) and ..the clowns.

Check out his song!


You may have seen the 2014 Grammys, you may not have. It doesn't really matter to enjoy this song. Sure, you may catch the Katy Perry and Pink references (there may be other references- I'm not sure); but if you don't, I think the message remains- it's all a circus!

We watch the award shows- to see how they'll dress- how they'll act; hopefully they'll sound good, but it's mostly about The Show.

They put on a little show for us- while they pick up their awards-- for putting on little shows for us! It's a circle- like a ring in a circus tent!

Watch and see if you agree-