There's no question that I love my new wife; but my appreciation of her just jumped about a thousand points, after hearing what an abysmal hassle it was for her to change her last name.

Let's start with last week.  Robyn went to the social security office to officially change her last name to match mine (because she's wonderful).  She got on the elevator, and it literally wouldn't go to the floor where the office was.  She tried for a long time before another elevator passenger mentioned that the office closes at 3pm.  REALLY? Three o'clock in the afternoon?  I refuse to believe that working in that office is bad enough to warrant a six-hour work day.  You'd have to take a day off work just to get in!  I'm sorry, but that's unacceptable.

Anyway, Robyn managed to go back the next day, get into the office, and get all the paperwork filed to change her name.  Hooray!

Now all she needed to do was wait a minimum of 24 hours, go to the DMV, and get an updated driver's license.  Easy, right?


Fast-forward to today.  Robyn had made an appointment on the Colorado DMV Web site to have her license re-issued.  I did the same when I had to renew my license, and it made the whole ordeal much less stressful.  Unfortunately, Robyn wasn't so lucky.

When she got to the DMV at her appointment time, the electronic check-in kiosk was out of order.  Terrific.  So she walked up to the nearest employee and said she needed to check in for her appointment.  She was bluntly told that the computer system was down, and she had to take a number and wait like everyone else.  Lovely.

After waiting much longer than she should have needed to, it was finally Robyn's turn.  She gave all her updated information, and waited for them to put everything in the system.  When they asked her to verify her information on their printout, she discovered they hadn't changed her name.  They hadn't done the one thing she needed them to do.  But wait, the story gets better.

Once again, Robyn found herself waiting as they "corrected" her information.  I say "corrected" because when they finally presented her with another printout to verify, they had indeed changed her name; but now her address was wrong.  How the heck does THAT happen? How do you screw up one thing the first time, and something completely different the second time?

So now, after easily three times longer than it should have taken, Robyn has a driver's license to reflect her new name.  And by now, I'm sure you understand why my appreciation of her just skyrocketed.

Somebody's getting her feet rubbed tonight!

Do you have a terrible name-change and/or DMV story?