Yeah, we are all growing more and more excited for the Ultimate 80's Party at the Sunset Events Center at the end of March. While I've been thinking of costumes, it has brought to mind some of my favorite movie scenes from the decade that gave us Reagan, the Police, and breakdancing. Here they are.

I dreamed of cardboard back in the 80's. I couldn't look at a refrigerator without wondering where the box it came in had gone. So, I was all about Breakin' and this scene. Turbo can float!

While I wasn't into Molly Ringwald, I did have an immense amount of respect for Farmer Ted, or Anthony Michael Hall. So oblivious. So smart and humorous. So horny.

Some think of it as the poor man's Conan the Barbarian. I was totally into it. I used to try to communicate with my dog, and dreamed of meeting a girl with eyes as blue as Kiri (Tanya Roberts). Ah, the Beastmaster. I may dress as him for the party. Here's the trailer.

Speaking of Conan...I sometimes forget how magnetic Arnold is. I mean, I don't think of him as the actor's actor, but when I go through this video, I can't take my eyes off him!

What are your favorite 80's movie scenes?