According to the Coloradoan and to reverse 911 calls another mountain lion has been spotted in Fort Collins this morning. (Or possibly the same one that was seen on Tuesday returning.)

Putnam and Irish elementary schools in Fort Collins were placed on lockout due to the vicinity of the mountain lion sighting.

You can read more from the Coloradoan here.

The reverse 911 calls said to proceed with extreme caution in the north end of town.  The cat was sighted near the 1400 block of Maple Street.

Might I use this moment of your time to NOT go out and try and catch a glimpse of the wild animal.  Majestic as it may be, the last thing wildlife officials needs is a slew of citizens with cameras freaking the cat out. Just keep an eye and and call the proper authorities if you do happen see it.

Let's hope they can find the thing and get it safely back into the mountains.

From the city of Fort Collins:

Mountain lions have been sighted at several Fort Collins natural areas. Like all wildlife, mountain lions are a natural part of the ecosystem, and humans need to take certain precautions around them. Rangers post mountain lion sightings signs when there are recent sightings in natural areas. If you see a mountain lion, please call the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Northeast Region Service Center, 303/291-7227

Watch video from Tuesday as a Mountain Lion was spotted in Fort Collins:

-Contributed by Beano