Featured Trip Destination: Mount Rushmore

Location: Keystone, South Dakota (Map)                  Cost Per Person: No Charge
Age Range: All Ages                                                  Trip TIme: 2-3 Days

Depending on the route you choose, Mount Rushmore is about 330 miles from Ft. Collins and driving time is around 6 hours. Mount Rushmore caters to those who love beautiful scenery and rich history.

Jenny Harding, TSM

About the Park

The world's largest piece of sculpture features 60-foot heads of four United States presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.  Mount Rushmore covers more than a thousand acres and is open daily and year-round to welcome nearly 2 million visitors each year.

  • Stroll the Avenue of Flags, where each state is represented.
  • View the Mount Rushmore carving from Grand View Terrace.
  • View Mt. Rushmore's new state of the art Visitor Center and Museum
  • View the lighting ceremony at 9:00 PM nightly during the summer months.
  • Shop for local arts and crafts, such as Black Hills Gold jewelry, in the gift shop.

Where to stay

Trip Advisor list the best hotels in the area or you can also enjoy family friendly camp sites.

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