After the video below was forwarded to me, I realized how perfectly it expresses my feelings about yoga.

Almost as soon as I started practicing yoga, I had the 'a-ha' moment that so many people who practice are blessed to have. It came from the blend of mental, physical and spiritual connections that it inspired within me.

Somehow, reaching for the front wall in warrior two, I understood why just standing in this pose was doing incredible things for me in all of those areas.

Because I could stand with my feet so far apart, I was reminded of how strong the human body is. Because holding that position for a period of time is a challenge, I recall how my mind had to instruct my body to execute a pose like this.

With my favorite guides, each breath has one movement., When done correctly, the breath activates the motion. Breathing in makes rising into mountain pose easy. Breathing out surrenders my body to the forward fold. Breath in to 'cat' pose. Breath out to 'cow'.

When I combine the amazing things that my mind can make my body accomplish, it becomes spiritual because I become aware of how amazing this body that contains my consciousness is. What our bodies do every day without even a thought from us is baffling. What our bodies can do when we apply some focus and dedication is astonishing. This example of our incredible perfection is proof to me that a higher power is there for us.

For me, this video echoes that.

Shortly after beginning my yoga practice, I realized how much it could do for me.I told a friend of mine that doing yoga had really helped my running. He was skeptical because 'how could yoga help with stamina?' Well, kinetically, I don't know. All I know is that I can run further with less pain and strain than ever before. The motions are easier to make. As my abdominal muscles drive my legs forward and back underneath me, I remember what my guide says to us in class. "How can I make this easy?" Perhaps it's the thought of ease that brings the feeling into my body. Plus, it takes less time to recover.

Do you practice yoga? If not, would you be open to try?