Just this week the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment reported the county’s first positive human test for West Nile virus The blood donor from southeast Fort Collins is so far asymptomatic and of course blood donations that test positive for West Nile are discarded.

Most people who become infected are asymptomatic, but about 25% will develop West Nile fever. Less than 1% develop the more severe neuroinvasive form, which can lead to hospitalization, critical illness, chronic disability, or even death. Find out more about WNV at the City of Fort Collins/West Nile website.

This is peak season for mosquitoes and it's sure nice to know what measures are being taken in Northern Colorado.

Colorado Front Range communities have contracted Vector Disease Control International, specialists in detection, analysis and preventive measures aimed at mosquito populations responsible for the spread of West Nile and other insect-borne diseases.

If you want to know when and where fogger trucks will be spraying, these links will take you to your community: