Today is my mom's birthday. We called her on the phone to put her on the air and got this....

She was working. On her 71st birthday. By choice.

My mom, Sally, with my niece, Ava

She is getting older and she is still teaching me by example.

From her tone of voice I know that she was totally happy to be at work on her birthday She's a nurse anethetist. That's the person who puts us to sleep and keeps us alive while we're having surgery.

Just hearing that little snippet of her voice reminds me of so many of the great things about her. She taught me,by example, that I can be happy with my work and career. I've extended to believe that if I'm not happy doing something, I shouldn't do it. What I earn and what I owe can seem like a hindrance, but in holding this belief in my heart even at times when the reality of it may not have been true, it seems like it's taking me closer and closer to her spot in life. At least, that's the idea.

She works because she wants to, not because she has to. It's also because she can't say no to an old friend and colleague. Her boss, as you heard in the audio above, won't let her quit. He pays her more and pays for the continuing education that is required of nurses, because even at 71, she is the best he knows. She is plain-old better than everyone else, and she always has been. People like her don't worry about jobs because they're so damn good that anyone will hire, promote, and employ them anytime. May we all enjoy such a status.

Happy birthday, mom, and thanks for another great lesson.

My mom teaching me love for extreme sports at a young age