Does anyone else Face Time with someone who can't seem to hold the phone properly?

My sister and I have a good time imitating the way our parents hold their phones when we Face Time. We'll see only ceiling, or a thumb will cover most of the screen.

As you can see by these photos, they are really close. They can't see that the phone, turn around camera icons and mute buttons are covering their faces.

I applaud my parents for embracing technology the way they have. My dad has sent me text messages with links to an app that shows me how to find cool tricks that I can use for my iPhone.

As I've learned when I try to play certain modern video games, if I wasn't a kid when the tech came out, I may not be able to seamlessly master the nuances of it the way that the younger generation can.

When I was a kid, if you handed a Nintendo paddle to one of my parents they might look at you like you just asked them to pilot the space shuttle. The same goes for me with new video games. I have no chance. I like to say that I can't play them because I prefer real sports, but the truth is I just stink.

So, what new technology is out there that you just can't master?