This story is sad and wrong in so many ways.  According to 7News employees at the Cinemark Theatre (4721 S. Timberline Drive) noticed a bad smell Saturday afternoon and discovered a decomposing body in a locked restroom.

To make matters worse, authorities say the body had to have been there for five days!The body was identified as 66-year-old George DeGrazio, who had been reported as missing on January 9th. 7News reports that that man’s cause of death was a heart attack, so foul play is not suspected, but the family is furious as to how no one found the body for five days.

Family members want to know why employees didn’t check the theater top-to-bottom after police searched the area, asking businesses if they’d seen the missing man.

You can read more about the story from 7News, but this is a tragic story and my thoughts go out to the DeGrazio family. I am kind of disturbed as to how something like that could go unnoticed in a movie theatre bathroom.

I am hoping it happened in a locked employee bathroom or something, because I was under the impression most public bathrooms needed to be cleaned at least once a day if not three or four.