Mick Jagger's ex-wife Jerry Hall recently asked him to buy their kids some houses. According to CNN.com, Hall is going broke and wants to make sure that her kids have roofs over their heads.

Getty Images-Larry Busacca

Will Mick give them shelter? Negative. It seems that he believes that being born the child of the lead singer of the most prolific rock band in the world is enough. While he has done much for them, he is drawing the line at providing mansions for the Jagger-pack.

Here's what Ruben Navrette Jr.'s reporting and opinion writing turned up.

The problem, according to the tabloid newspaper, is that Jagger, who is known to be "famously careful with his pennies," is firmly opposed to these types of "parental housing subsidies." According to the newspaper, the Jagger thinks that his children have already enjoyed many advantages in life and that setting them up in their own homes will do more harm than good.

Those who know Jagger well -- including his oldest daughter, Jade, who is the only child of his marriage to ex-wife Bianca -- say that he strongly believes that children ought not think themselves entitled to their parents' money and that they have to make their own way in life.

Do them more harm than good? What do you think about this?