It takes a cool guy to do what was cool in the 50's and still sit on top of the pop charts. While Adele and other powerful singers brought back a sort of theatrical resurgence of booming voices, it takes a special guy to be able to be compared to old schoolers like Frank Sinatra...and be universally accepted as one of the coolest guys on the planet. Such accolades usually come from the fringes. Not for Michael Buble.

Example: A friend of mine suggested I check out Junior Brown. Talk about revival. This guy sounds like he predates Hank Williams. Senior. He's great, but I don't expect his record to hit #1 anytime soon.

With Buble, it's a mix. The biggest part is obviously his amazing voice. Not only is it a gift, he also is a pro's pro with it. I mean, the guy is great. Part of it is his charm. How can he be so humble, funny and cute? He makes it seem easy.

Another big part of why we love Michael Buble comes from the timing. Maybe 20 years ago, when the trend was to rage against the machine, a crooner couldn't have been so well accepted, but I believe we are at a time when more people aren't afraid to admit they like things, not because they are trying to be ahead of the hipster curve, but because they are just pleasing to our ears and souls. We care less about what we should like and can focus on actually just makes us happy.

I think that is super cool. Besides, as we move into Christmas music season, who can deny a man who can sing a song who has been sung by the best over and over, and make it better?


Finally, the last thing I should do with a talent as massive as Michael Buble's is to classify it, or pigeonhole it. He croons, yes, but the guy is just a singer. He's got music in his soul, and thankfully, his gift is really ours.