What a sad day. I'm waiting for 'Greener Pastures' to arrive, the mares are in mourning, and so am I.


Mak, our 25-year-old stallion, is gone. CSU Vet was out yesterday and euthanized him. Earlier in the day I found him lying down in the barn. He struggled for hours to get up on his feet but couldn't and became extremely distressed on the ground. We did everything short of getting a wench and sling. The vet said it was likely spinal/neurological damage. His prognosis was not good and he'd eventually have to be put down. I made the agonizing choice to let him go humanely and with a great deal of dignity.

Mak came to my barn March 17, 2010. He wasn't doing well in the COLD winters in Dakota and his human DEB and I thought he'd be better in warmer Colorado. He was happy here with total run of the place with 3 beautiful mares. Friends who came to the barn
were enamored with Mak's charm and charisma. As I came to know him, he entertained me daily with his wonderful sense of humor.
We communicated! He let me know when he was hungry, in need of Bute, or when wanted to use me for a rubbing post.

I think that the amount of heartache suffered is in direct response to how much love was exchanged...and boy does this hurt.

'Greener Pastures' is a service that comes to get the dead horse and bury it.