24-year-old Kodi Noel was convicted and swiftly sentenced Tuesday for his role in a riot near CSU back in April.The Coloradoan reports District Judge Thomas French surprised the defense when he ordered Noel be taken to jail immediately.

French sentenced Noel to 180 days in Larimer County Jail. Defense attorney Ginger Vidrine asked the judge to delay the start of the sentence, as Noel wasn’t prepared to go straight into custody and had left his car parked outside.

French responded: “No.”

Noel continued to plead his innocence during sentencing, according to the Coloradoan; but the prosecution had enough evidence to prove that he was a key figure in leading the riot, including a witness who saw him throw a bottle at police.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, if you ask me.  Fort Collins may be a college town, but it's also a family town; and hearing my co-workers who live in that neighborhood talk about how scary that night was...well, it still turns my stomach.

I'm glad justice is being served!