If 2013 was the year of vulnerability, let's make 2014 the year of progress. Progess, not perfection. My teacher, Marshall Thurber, says that if we improve by just 3.6% on a regular basis (every day or thereabouts) we'd achieve everything we ever dreamed of faster than we could imagine.

The change from one year to the next inspires so many people to action. If you are one of them, and are looking to make a big change I have a couple of must reads for you.

You² by Price Pritchett


I put this one first because it brings forth the idea of that we don't have to make slow, painful, incremental changes, but that we can jump from one plane all the way up to one much further above in achievement. It tells us how we can make huge jumps. Great read, and quick and easy, too.


The War of Art by Steven Pressfield


I just discovered Steven Pressfield, and he is simply a badass. He shoots it so straight that you will have no problem realizing that you are the only one creating resistance in your life, and that you can overcome it. This author of The Legend of Bagger Vance switches gears to self help seamlessly.


Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley


After you get charged up by Pritchett, break through your resistance with Pressfield, it's time to see the beauty and abundance of the world with Mike Dooley. He'll have you flying high, realizing how amazing it is to be alive right now, and visualizing the amazing things you'll create with your newfound, quantum leap, resistance free manifesting ability.

To 2014 and beyond, may you receive all that you should!