It has become a tradition for the Madden football video game franchise to run 'simulations' of the Super Bowl to predict winners. (They actually have a pretty good track record with their predictions.) This year, Broncos fans will be happy to know that Madden has picked Denver to win it all, in overtime, against the Seahawks.

According to Yahoo, this simulation was done by EA Sports on the Xbox One version of Madden NFL 25 and they predict a final score of 31-28 in favor of Denver in Super Bowl 48. They also predict it as being an overtime thriller that is won with Matt Prater's leg.

Now, get this; the game has correctly picked the winner or 8 of the last 10 Super Bowls.

Here's the scores they picked vs. the actual scores:

- Super Bowl XLVII
Madden: Ravens, 27, 49ers, 24
Actual score: Ravens, 34, 49ers, 31

- Super Bowl XLVI
Madden: Giants, 27, Patriots, 24
Actual score: Giants, 21, Patriots, 17

- Super Bowl XLV - WRONG
Madden: Steelers, 24, Packers, 20
Actual score: Packers, 31, Steelers, 25

- Super Bowl XLIV
Madden: Saints 35, Colts 31
Actual score: Saints 31, Colts 17

- Super Bowl XLIII
Madden: Steelers 28, Cardinals 24
Actual score: Steelers 27, Cardinals 23

- Super Bowl XLII - WRONG
Madden: Patriots 38, Giants 30
Actual score: Giants 17, Patriots 14

- Super Bowl XLI
Madden: Colts 38, Bears 27
Actual score: Colts 29, Bears 17

- Super Bowl XL
Madden: Steelers 24, Seahawks 19
Actual score: Steelers 21, Seahawks 10

- Super Bowl XXXIX
Madden: Patriots 47, Eagles 31
Actual score: Patriots 24, Eagles 21

- Super Bowl XXXVIII
Madden: Patriots 23, Panthers 20
Actual Score: Patriots 32, Panthers 29

So, Broncos fans, you can rest easier knowing that a video game thinks your guys are going to come out on top. A video game that isn't often wrong.

You can read more about the predictions from Yahoo, there are some eerie and amazing stats that previous simulations have predicted perfectly.

What's YOUR pick for the final score?