I had thought they were closed forever!

Good to know - the gang at Senor Rafael's at The Mexican Inn in south Loveland will be back at it!

Get the details on one of Loveland's legendary eatery's recovery!


The Colorado Flood 2013 left Senor Rafael's at The Mexican Inn in Loveland with one hot mess. Heck, for over a week, you could hardly have gotten there if you wanted to, with the closure of HWY 287 on the south part of town. I had seen on Senor Rafael's at The Mexican Inn Facebook page that they were 'closed til further notice'- which never sounds good.

Then, today (Oct 2) I saw in the Reporter-Herald, Craig Young's story on them RE-OPENING!

The restaurant, one of Loveland's oldest, had one heck of a mess on their hands after The Big Thompson came through.

From The Reporter-Herald:

 The restaurant had as much as a foot of water in places and 3-6 inches of mud, [owner Rafael 'Dave' Casca]  said.

But friends, neighbors and regulars at Senor Rafael's at The Mexican Inn rallied to help the restaurant clean up.

"It was overwhelming" at first, [Dave's wife] Crystal said, but friends, employees and customers showed up immediately to help. "We had 20 to 25 people who were shoveling mud, ripping up carpet and tearing out drywall."

I've been seen at the restaurant more than a few times- me and a buddy have enjoyed many a Mexican beer on their patio!  I'm thrilled that me, my buddy and the rest of Loveland can get back there! In what looks like, as soon as Tuesday (Oct 8)!