A year in the making, Loveland has updated it's website!
It's cleaner, faster, and more user-friendly!

I think you'll find it to be a great experience!

Read on for details!

Last Friday in The Reporter-Herald I caught the article about Monday's relaunch of CityOfLoveland.org - and made a note to myself to check it out- It does look great!

From The Reporter-Herald:

“We wanted to make it easier for people to use, and to make it a whole lot more attractive,” city spokesman Andy Hiller said."

I like how they have three different ways to navigate through the site:

"Living In Loveland"

"Visiting Loveland"

and "Doing Business In Loveland"

Very clever.

And what kind of city website would it be without a welcome from the city's mayor--  From Mayor Cecil Gutierrez's welcome:

"Loveland is the jewel of Northern Colorado, possessing all the amenities of an urban population center, yet it still has its small town charm, friendliness and welcoming atmosphere. Loveland has long been known as the “Sweetheart City” because of its Valentine Remailing Program."

They've also made it easy to get connected with Loveland with the Social Media Page-- links to Facebook pages, links to Twitter and even to the City of Loveland's YouTube channel- where you can watch an explanation of the upcoming ACE project!

So- Check it out-- CityOfLoveland.org

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