It wasn't Kryptonite, Lex Luther nor The Joker that took down the popular superheroes in Loveland; it was that dastardly city code!

Get the story on how a small company by Lake Loveland had their fun, but in the end reality won out over fiction.

I saw this story on the front page of The Reporter-Herald today and thought- "How did I miss this?"

Apparently, since June, this small web design company- Madwire Media had been putting up life-size mannequin replicas of some of the best known super heroes-starting with Spider-Man!

From Tom Hacker's story in The Reporter-Herald:

About a week later, in mid-June, Batman swooped in and chased him off.

The Incredible Hulk was next, elbowing Batman aside.

Then, by popular demand, Wonder Woman ascended to take her rightful place.

She proved to be the last straw for a Loveland code enforcement officer, who busted her Thursday for violating an ordinance prohibiting superheroes, or any other promotional figures, from business rooftops.

According to the story, families had been making the superheroes a part of their summer fun- showing up at South Shore Parkway- across the street from the buisiness- to see who would be next to stand guard over the small company.

Alas, rules are rules.

Again from The Reporter-Herald-- the city's head of code enforcement division:

"Per municipal code, they can't have inflatables on the roof of a building," she said. "It's a policy that applies across the board to any business here in town."


So where will Spidey, Hulk, Batman and Wonder Woman hang out now?

It looks like Madwire Media may just put them to work!

Did YOU see the heroes on top of their building?