If you're a pet owner, you know they are very much a part of the family. Most of us that have a pet will do about anything to save them and make their lives more comfortable. The McDonald family in Loveland feel no differently about their 6-month old German Sheperd named Nala. Due to a rare condition called canine megaesophagus, Nala has to be propped up in a verticle position when eating to keep food down. That's no easy task for a four-legged pet, so the McDonald's got creative and built a special high chair for Nala.

The McDonalds say it is a small inconvenience for the love and enjoyment they get from Nala's companionship.

"I think anyone who has an animal, if you choose to have an animal we fall in love with them and they're part of your family," McDonald said. "I mean, you'd do anything to keep a family member alive and it is the same thing with her."

[ via 9news.com ]