Tuesday is Election Day in Loveland- and it includes that vote on whether there should be moratorium on hydraulic fracturing until it can be fully studied.  A lot of folks in Loveland are for ‘fracking’. A lot of folks in Loveland are against it.  We thought we’d get your opinion.

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Colorado has a long history of coal and natural gas energy production. Including hydraulic fracturing- known as fracking.  It’s where they dig down into and break-up the shale miles beneath the ground to release the natural gas within. They do that with water, sand and chemicals.

The City of Loveland is voting on Tuesday June 24th, 2014 (actually, the mail-in/drop-off ballots are DUE on Tuesday) on whether to enact at 2-year moratorium on the process.  Opponents of fracking say the chemicals can get into our water supply, can disfigure the land, and can possibly cause earthquakes like the one in Weld County recently. Proponents of fracking say that environment concerns are not warranted after over 60 years of ever-improving methods, and that the jobs and revenue generated is good for the community.The controversial vote has even seen some ballot tampering.

Here's a look at the actual ballot--

Dave Jensen, TSM

The Reporter-Herald’s editorial section says to cast a NO vote on what’s being called “Question 1”.

The question at hand is whether a moratorium is warranted in Loveland "to fully study" a process that has been studied and will continue to be studied. However, for some, it will never be "fully" enough. That's what makes Question 1 such bad policy. It should be rejected.

So, we’ll be finding out June 24th, what the citizens of Loveland think should be done.

Yes- Hold off on fracking until it’s fully studied

No- Move along and let fracking happen in Loveland.

What do YOU think?