Driving by Link-N-Greens makes it look so beautiful! I couldn't wait to head out on the course and play when I first saw it. Then I played it, and realized that it was more like an 'almost' golf course. Technically, when you look at their old scorecard, it seems like a regulation course, but the par 4's were too short and the par 3's too long. Yet it charged more than some regulation length courses. So, I never went. As an avid golfer, I don't want to pay full price for less than full facilities, and perhaps this is what made sure that the track was never really that full, especially compared to other Fort Collins courses in that price range.

A golfer on Link-N-Greens from Poudre Trail

So, losing it to Woodward, a longtime Fort Collins employer is more like a gain. 1,200 new jobs sound pretty good, especially when the people who are applying for them can look forward to a beautiful work campus that borders the Poudre River, has access to the Poudre Trail and Old Town.

Many of us are familiar with the stretch of property because it is right along the existing Poudre Trail, which will have to be moved. The beauty of the area is undeniable, and I think it will be enhanced with some new modern buildings. They should also tear down the horrendous chain link fence that is there now and put something in that makes it feel less like a prison yard.