Pop/Soul/R&B legend Lionel Richie performed June 11, 2014 at Red Rocks, and it was awesome!

He sang all his great songs; he made a few jokes; and we all pretended it was the 4th of July (for an upcoming special).

After singing “All The Hits, All Night Long” (as the tour is called), he returned for an encore song that I just did not expect!

It was the perfect finish to fantastic concert!

Ethan Miller

Lionel Richie’s show at Red Rocks was a ton of fun.  He came on stage and sang all the hits- ‘Still’, ‘Stuck On You’, ‘Three Times A Lady’, Running With The Night’, ‘Brick House’, ‘All Night Long’ and of course ‘Hello’.  He was a great host: He made jokes about how long he’s been making music – (since the 8-track days!) He pretended as if Diana Ross was going to walk out on stage (she did not) And he added to the night by letting the audience pretend it was the 4th of July- since some of the footage will be used for a special on TV to celebrate the nation’s birthday!

After his 90-minute show, he did come back out for a one-song encore.  He thanked everyone for letting him and his music be a part of our lives for all these years. Very sincere. Then he started to introduce the last song. He talked about how of all the songs he's written and/or performed, only one stands out as the one that he’s most proud of.  He thanked the late Michael Jackson for helping to write it.

Then, we all got goosebumps…and joined in… as Lionel Richie sang- ‘We Are The World

Wow. It honestly blew me away. You forget how powerful the song is. Even when just one guy is singing it (along with a sold-out Red-Rocks audience) instead of all the artists from back then.  We loved it!