The most important lessons I ever learned came from my mother. Not only have I found her teachings to be accurate, they were also inspiring and continue to spur me on to this day. When people think they have the 'best mom ever', I don't argue with them, because it would be pointless. However, were it to come down to a debate, I have no doubt I would win. Here are some of the most important lessons I learned from my mom.

This is the exact phrase that my mom has uttered ever since I can remember. I credit this with just about everything I have accomplished to this day. If you put those accomplishments on a scale, they will look impressive compared to some, and lacking compared to others. But when I have faced tough decisions in my life, I'm glad I had this phrase to fall back on, rather than something like "Be careful" or "Don't take risks". I think it has made a massive difference.

What if everyone did (insert bad behavior here)?

As a broadcaster, I'm paid for amusing quips and turns of phrases. When I was doing that in the wrong place, like every class I ever attended K through 12, my mom would make this point. 'What if everyone made jokes about everything your teacher said at the same time?' Mayhem would ensue. While it didn't slow me down as much as it should have at the time, it eventually set in.

Should have gone instead of should have went

I'm not going to be humble about this. My grammar is pretty much perfect. As a broadcaster, it's absolutely essential that I am able to say things properly without thinking.

That only comes from a lifetime of NEVER using improper grammar without being quickly, and often sternly, corrected. I don't think about it when I use correct grammar, but I always notice when others don't.

Finding the good in all people

I wasn't allowed to bad mouth people. If I were sitting at the table, talking about how stupid a teacher was or wrong a coach was, my mom would insist that I say something positive about that person. As an adult, as I realized that I was often right about the bad character of some of these people (mostly coaches. Anyone else besides me have some really shady people in charge of their baseball teams?), I understood how important this lesson was. My mom knew that they were shady, but it didn't matter. We can find the good in just about anything. I have used this lesson to find the good in songs that I hated, but had to play on the radio. 'Good drum fills'. 'Well produced'. Whatever. The point is if we're looking for the bad, we'll find it. If we're looking for the good, we'll find that too.