It wasn’t more than two months ago that I was talking about the new laundry detergent pods on the radio, explaining that I though they were one of the best inventions since sliced bread. The perfectly measured capsules of laundry soap assure you don’t use too much or too little, and never leave any behind when the container starts to run low. It seems like sliced bread may still have a hand up though, as it has never made anyone sick. The pods can’t say the same as six children around Colorado have been sickened after eating the single use laundry detergent packages. 

Poison centers nationwide and in Colorado are now sending out a warning to parents about the bite-sized, appealing to the eyes, single use, laundry detergent pods that are gaining popularity.

Dr. Alvin Bronstein with the Rocky Mountain Poison Center said “These are very concentrated pods. If a toddler were to consume an entire pod, they could get extremely ill. Bronstein said the poison center has seen six cases of children under six ingesting a pod in the last two months. Nationwide, there have been more than 200 cases reported since March 3.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers sent out a warning that some children are having breathing problems, experiencing extreme drowsiness and three have had to be put on a ventilator afterwards.

If you haven’t tried using the pods yet, don’t shy away, they really are a great idea and work wonderfully. Just remember they are not food, and they may look like it to children, so keep them out of their reach!