It is now December 23rd, which you probably realize! The reason I remind you, 2 days 'till Christmas. This means you better hit the stores and rap up anylast minute shopping! Most likely you don't know what to get these last few people either! I'm not going to tell you what to get them, but I will tell you what not to get them!

1. By far the worst holiday gifts idea is a Christmas present that is designed to hint at something that you think the recipient should improve upon or change in their life. The main culprits in this area are weight loss gifts. Although you may feel that the holiday gift of some weight loss program shows how much you care about the other person and that you want them to feel better about themselves and improve their health, it will not be perceived as such by the recipient.

A gift such as this simply means that you think the other person is not good enough and that there is something wrong with them. If an area of some one's life needs improvement, they need to come to this realization themselves without any "help" from you.

All they ask for is love and understanding. By giving such a gift, you will only increase conflict, anger, depression and low self esteem issues. Giving such a Christmas gift only makes the problem worse.

2. The second of the worst Christmas gifts ideas is a gift that you did not put any thought into. Giving no gift at all is sometimes better than a thoughtless holiday gift. Thoughtless gifts include giving a box of chocolates to a diabetic (unless they are specifically for diabetics), someone without body piercing receiving body jewelry as holiday gifts, etc.

3. Another of the worst Christmas gifts 2010 is a gift that the recipient has no chance of returning or exchanging. Although we may think that the gift given is perfect and will be appreciated, we always have to leave room for the other recipient's thought about the gift and allow the recipient to decide whether they like the gift or not and give them the opportunity to return the gift and get something that they prefer.