The Larimer County Humane Society is going to be cutting services to the Loveland area.

Earlier this year the Loveland City Council voted to cut back on funding for services provided by the Humane Society, due to the tight economy.

After reducing its contract with the Larimer Humane Society by $100,000 per year during its budget approval process earlier this year, about $34,000 has been restored through licensing fee increases and a $10,000 allocation from the Solid Waste Division to pick up dead animals on the streets.

Some emergency services would still be available outside those five days per week, such as assistance when the fire or police departments request it and calls for injured domestic animals, vicious animals or wild animals that pose a public safety threat such as rabies.

The shelter will remain open seven days per week, and the wildlife department will still be available all week to advise residents.

One officer will be assigned to Loveland for eight hours each day, according to the contract. That is reduced from multiple officers responding seven days per week. The hours have yet to be determined.