Lock up your metal. The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office is reminding citizens to keep metal and metallic items locked up and out of sight. In just he last 6 weeks the sheriff’s office has reported 16 different metal thefts. Copper seems to be the most popular metal stolen. Construction sites and companies have always been a target for metal thieves, but officials want to remind electricians, plumbers, farmers and other potential non-traditional victims to keep their metal locked up. 

Residents are urged to keep metallic items out of sight, locked up and securely stored when not in use.  Appropriate fencing, locks, chains, alarm systems, etc. should be used when possible.  Report suspicious persons or vehicles to law enforcement.  They may be checking the area in preparation for a future theft.  Put identification marks or labels on metallic items, especially tools.  Even marking wire with spray paint can help prevent theft and aid in identifying it if it is stolen later.  Be sure to report all thefts and suspicious incidents to your local law enforcement promptly.

If you see suspicious activity in your area or have information that might help authorities you can contact the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office at 970-416-1985 or Crime Stoppers at 970-221-6868.