Everyone is on-edge after we had one of the worst wildfire seasons of all time last year, myself included.  Here in the studio, I've had a lot of listeners call saying they're seeing smoke close to their homes, wondering if another catastrophic fire is brewing.  Sometimes the fear in their voices is hard to bear.  Usually, the smoke is from a prescribed burn that people aren't aware of; so Larimer County is trying to alleviate some of that anxiety.

There is now a page on the Larimer County Web site dedicated to maps of prescribed burns.

The map is updated on a daily basis to show the address and approximate location of active prescribed fires conducted under an Open Burn Permit issued by local fire agencies or federal and state prescribed fires.

[via Loveland Reporter-Herald.]

So if you see smoke in the distance, or even smell it in the air, you can check this new map page to see if there's a prescribed burn in your area.

I don't know about you, but this will definitely give me some peace of mind!