The Hewlett Fire, burning in the Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins, shows just how dry it is right now.  Those dangerous conditions have prompted Larimer County Commissioners to extend fire restrictions on open fires, the use of fireworks, and public fireworks displays through June 15th.


The restrictions were originally adopted on April 10, 2012 in conjunction with restrictions on the Roosevelt National Forest. Today’s extension was based on a recommendation from Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith.

  • Today’s restrictions mean that no open fires are allowed, no open camp or cooking fires, only “contained’ open fires such as those in camp stoves and grills using gas or pressurized liquid or those in permanently constructed, stationary, metal or masonry fireplaces such as those fireplaces located in campgrounds and masonry or metal fire pits.

Smoking in the open is not allowed under these restrictions.

  • It is okay to operate combustion engines with spark arresting devices, properly installed and in working order.
  • Citizens who live in unincorporated areas of Larimer County can operate a charcoal grill on a non-combustible surface at least ten feet in diameter at their private residence.
  • No fireworks or fireworks displays are allowed under these restrictions.
  • No agricultural burning is allowed under these restrictions.
  • No open campfires are allowed under these restrictions.
  • Any person who knowingly violates the restrictions commits a class 2 petty offense and can be fined.