The Larimer County Dive Rescue Team (LCDRT) announced that it is accepting applications for volunteers to join their team. The upcoming spring season is the busiest time of the year for the rescue team. Training is available to those interested.

With the upcoming spring season almost upon us, the Dive Rescue Team is in need of individuals wanting to become rescue swimmers and divers. Swift-water training classes are being scheduled now for the upcoming months. This training provides members with the skills and knowledge to help out the community in a way that is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Larimer County Dive Rescue Team is the trained and equipped swift water and dive rescue resource for Larimer County. While their services are provided free of charge, they rely heavily on tax-deductible donations to fund their program.

Find out more at an upcoming team meeting

Monday, February 13th @ 7pm at 1303 N. Shields St in Fort Collins for more information on how to become a volunteer with the Dive Rescue Team.