I used to live right down the street from this place, and every time I walked by I would gaze longingly through the fence and think, "Who has their own lake in Old Town?"

These people. The surrounding neighborhood is one of the fastest improving in Fort Collins, which puts it as one of the best in America. Unlike many of the other million dollar listings that we feature here, this one is not a sprawling, stately mansion. If you were the one to buy this property, you're buying location. As the listing suggests, it could also be made into an investment property. With over 17 acres for sale, my guess is you wouldn't lose money on this one.


This property is also a very short walk to the Poudre River.

The location is what puts the price tag on it, not the house.

Though the inside of the house isn't anywhere near what a couple million would buy you in, say, Windsor, this property is all about location.

Even though it is surrounded by City of Fort Collins Services facilities, on the north side is the Poudre River, and on the south, Lee Martinez Park.

There would be plenty of this going on. You would see a lot of foxes, racoons, and from time to time, possibly even a mountain lion.

There really isn't another property like this in Old Town.

There is a new, high-end development going in where there used to be Fort Collins most terribly located trailer park.


From the real estate listing:

832 Wood St A once in a lifetime opportunity is now available on this magnificent 17.48 +/- acre parcel of tree lined acreage, presenting your own private lake complete w/ a beautiful ranch home, & a quaint, romantic cabin. Best of all, the proximity to Martinez Park, the bike trail and the vibrant & historic downtown area are just minutes away. Many possibilities exist such as:occupy the home as only the 2nd owner in 50+ yrs, build your dream home or consider developing homes/townhomes or an event center!