From previous posts, you may know I am a frenemy of many reality TV shows. The chaos of 'Full Throttle Saloon', the bad behavior on 'Jersey Shore', the train wreckery of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'. I hate that I love it, but I still love it.

Another favorite of mine are the shows that involve Kardashians. When it was just Kim and the sex tape, I didn't have that much of an interest. I think I was hooked when I first saw Khloe on the radio, because I was on the radio. I gave them a chance, and now I like it. I'm well aware that there are people in the world who make their problems and drama seems small, but I'm not watching TV for justice, I'm watching for entertainment.

Since I've been watching them since the first time they hit Miami, maybe I thought I'd seen it all. Last night was the first time that I realized that Kim has a true interest in being an investigator. First, she did a ride along in a police car. After that, she hooked up with a real private investigator and helped him with an actual case.

Part of it was interesting to see a person whose beauty has been one of her most defining qualities branch out into something that is so non-girly. Another part was like watching Finding Bigfoot. It's ridiculous. Not only do I ask why I am watching it, I ask why they are making it. He's never going to find bigfoot!

You'll read many snarky bloggers who will dog her for this, but I won't. Accomplishments in life start with dreams. After that they come from hooking up with someone, like the police who took Kim on a ride along, or the investigator who let her help with a case.

I loved the idea of Shaq moving into the police force (Shaquille O'Neal has been a volunteer deputy at various departments over the years), maybe Kim could be the next Perry Mason. Maybe.