Well, as if there WEREN'T enough 'regular people have talent too" shows on TV, Kelly Clarkson and a few other stars have climbed on the bandwagon.

Get the details!

American IdolAmerica's Got Talent. The X Factor. The Voice.  I'm sure I"m forgetting at least one of these "show me what you got" talent shows.

Now ABC wants a piece of the action. They've signed "American Idol" alumni Kelly Clarkson to be one of four singers to take rookies under their wings and hopefully make somebody a star!

Coming to a "boob-tube' near you this summer.... "Duets".

Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles, Robin Thicke and Lionel Richie are the captains. They will each go across the country to find their two hopefuls to take back for performances in front of a studio audience.

I can hear how the meeting went: "Bob- what IF, what IF-- we send the pro's out on the road!  The madcap adventures they'll find along the way!" "Jim, it's perfect!"

Here's the commercial for the show...

I think I'm going to pass. What do YOU think?