Search crews looking for a kayaker who went missing in a northern Colorado lake over the weekend have found a body. Loveland police say searchers on a sonar-equipped boat on Buckingham Lake west of Loveland found the body in the water yesterday afternoon…it has not yet been identified.

A search continued yesterday for a kayaker reported missing on a northern Colorado lake. Loveland officials say two people called 911 Sunday evening to report they had seen a man kayaking on Buckingham Lake west of Loveland, and then saw an empty kayak. Searchers were in boats on the lake yesterday morning while a drone flew overhead.

After nightfall Sunday, divers were pulled from the water and started using a boat equipped with sonar to search for the missing man. Meanwhile, authorities with a search dog walked the perimeter of the lake. They hoped to get another dog that can pick up a scent from a boat out in the water.

Source: 7News Denver