Justin Bieber is going into space! I don't know about you, but I would NOT join him. If I had the money, if I didn't have the money, I would not go. Even if I thought the Earth was doomed to destruction, I'm going down with the proverbial ship.

Sure, it would be exciting. So would a shootout, and I'm not in for that either.

Virgin head honcho Richard Branson announced the insane and insanely awesome news on Twitter, where he congratulated Biebs and everpresent manager Scooter Braun on making the elite (read: insanely expensive) list to go into space on Virgin Galactic.

Bieber didn't respond directly to confirm nor deny, but he did retweet Branson's message -- and Braun confirmed it himself:

USA Today reports that along with Bieber, one of the over 500 other super rich people to sign up for a trip into infinity and beyond is Bieber's own pal in punking, Ashton Kutcher.

Want to join them? Just pony up a cool $250,000 and you can get a reservation too.