Driving through Fort Collins just the other day, I saw something that made me pull over and pull out the camera. This is not a rarity in the Fort. Once, on the way home from the airport of all places, I pulled up beside a couple in bumblebee costumes on bicycles. Now, were it early September and Tour de Fat time, I would have been less surprised, but it was a totally different time of year (I had to do a calendar double take). Turns out, they were simply on their way to Urban Assault, and I would never again be surprised by people in costumes on bikes in Fort Collins, no matter what time of year.

Yes, I have seen many things in this town that has made me say, 'Only in Fort Collins', and this one could take the proverbial cake.

There, on a beautiful winter day, tied outside the Fort Collins Brewery, stood these four horses. It was quite obvious that someone was doing a horse beer tour, and, well, the implications and photos speak for themselves.

I shot the photos just to share with my morning show partner, Susan, who has quite the affinity for horses, and I knew you would enjoy them, too.

What is the coolest photogenic moment you've had in Northern Colorado?