When you think of safety, instantly, you are probably thinking crime rate, right? Well, there are more things in this world that factor into whether you are safe or not. financial safety, driving safety, workplace safety, home safety, and risk of natural disasters were all consider in the latest study that shows Colorado might not be as "safe" as you'd think. 

Wallet Hub's 2014 Safest States to Live In report assigns points to all those metrics mentioned above, and then ranks all 50 states. So how "safe" is Colorado? Well, safer than half the states, and less safe than half. We ranked right in the middle at 25.

The best category for the state was workplace safety (number 13), which weighs factors like fatal workplace injuries, injury and illness rates, and employer health coverage. Our worst category was a tie with financial safety and home and community safety risk (both ranked 26).

The safest state out there? Massachusetts. The least safe state? That would Nevada.