Music and horses are two things that make my world go round. Please take a break and enjoy these music videos with horses, of course. Feel the love and the magic. Happy 'I Love Horses Day' from my barn to yours.

Here is Garth Brooks singing 'Cowgirl's Saddle' will bring a smile.

Juni Fisher is performing at Hearts and Horses in Loveland Monday, July 18.  This video features Juni singing 'Silver Music' and Sheila Varian riding to it on a lovely Arabian horse.

This may be the first horse love song I remember.  Do you?  It's from 1975.


Here's a sweet song about 'Girls & Horses'

Merle and Willie and a 'Horse Called Music' Warning: can cause tears...

Trigger, the first horse so many of us fell in love with...MUST SEE.