Broadway just couldn’t resist. Twilight the Musical is coming to the Great White way.


But just for one day, later this month.

You heard right, Edward, Bella and Jacob will bring singing vampires to the stage. But it’s a quickie.

But be warned ‘Twighards’ it’s all a parody. I’ve posted some videos below from the ‘official’ website.

It was recently announced the “Twilight” musical is officially happening. Before you book your tickets to NYC (or, conversely, get the heck out of Times Square) you should know it’s not expected to have a very long run. “Twilight: The Musical” will make its off-Broadway debut as a one-night-only staged reading on January 16, and the proceeds will benefit the charity Blessings in a Backpack.

The most exciting thing about this announcement may be the cast, and the plot teases their characters’ names give us. In addition to Bella and Edward, (who already sings a lullaby—why shouldn’t he also belt out a Broadway tune?) the name that gets me onboard is the totally awesome Lauren Lopez (Alice), who played Draco Malfoy opposite Darren Criss’ Harry Potter in the spectacular “A Very Potter Musical.”

Want to watch some grainy video for yourself ? I’m glad to oblige.